No ending for Chandrababu’s u-tunrs

Chandrababu is known to use those who are with him as stepping stones to climb up the ladder.  Once the leader’s utility is over, he is consigned to dust bin. In the runup to the Lok Sabha elections, he slammed Modi and used very unkind words to criticise him. The reason? He wanted to be friendly with the Congress.Now, he is trying to get back into the good books of Modi and the BJP. He wants to align with the BJP again. This has left the Congress shocked. But, the BJP is in no position to oblige Chandrababu. AP BJP incharge Sunil Deodhar has said that there is no question of taking Chandrababu back into the NDA. He said gates were closed for Chandrababu Naidu. But, if sources are to be believed, Chandrababu Naidu is still trying his luck using Sujana Chowdary. Some TDP leaders are finding it difficult to digest this U Turn.Chandrababu has not taken U Turns only with politicians. Even with the industrialists, he has done the same thing.

He had given the Polavaram contract to a company, whose owner is a close relative of a media baron. But, it now turns out that the company has lost heavily in the bargain Ditto with Megha Krishna Reddy. He was given the contracts of Pattiseema, Muchumurri, Purushottapatnam port, Krishna-Godavari-Penna linkage, Kondaveeti Vaagu project to him.  He had even felicitated Megha Krishna Reddy for bringing in China Motors and Chinese technology. Now, the very same Chandrababu is criticising Megha Krishna Reddy and the technology he brought in.  This U Turn of Chandrababu Naidu is not being liked by the industrialists.But  these U turns will take him nowhere. He is going to be further alienated from his friends, partners, partymen and even the industrialists who backed him to the hilt.

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